Shopify Post-purchase Upsell with After-Checkout-Upsell

What does that mean by Shopify Post-purchase upsell?

When you offer customers a product after the customers have already made a purchase, we call post-purchase upsell. When the customer loves your product, they eventually add the product to the cart, increasing the total order value. That new product could be the premium or upgraded version of the previously purchased product or even a smaller version for traveling purposes, or it could be the buy one get one offer, or it could be any deal.

One-click post-purchase upsell

The customer sees your post-purchase upsell because it pops up after the customer has already entered all the payment information after the initial purchase. Now, the customer needs just one click to accept your offer, which is quite an easy task and requires less effort than upselling via Email. Post-purchase upsell offer is more effective as customers avail the upsell offer in just one click; the offer seems appealing and instills urgency. The customer sees this offer when the customer is in ecstasy after the first purchase.

Benefits of post-purchase upsell

There is no need to be worried that your customers will be scared away. Your customers can never stop purchasing from you because they are most likely to be introduced to the new product they will love after the initial purchase. Post purchase upsell doesn't irritate customers as they have purchased earlier.

Your revenue will increase rapidly

It helps develop and nurture a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with your customers. Post-purchase upsell offers great products to existing customers, which effectively builds a healthy and long-term relationship with your customers.

Implementation of Shopify post-purchase upsell

On Shopify, you can start Post Purchase Upsell by following these steps:

  • Visit After Checkout Upsell.
  • Install the app to your Shopify store.
  • Set your post-purchase upsell offer for customers.
  • Observe outcomes to see revenue and enhance your AOV.

It is more likely to attract more customers when you impart urgency in an offer. You can instill in customers that it is a limited-time offer or a one-time offer, and you can avail this opportunity only in upsell. The main feature of a unique and good upsell offer is that it is relevant to the customer based on the product he has already purchased.

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